4 elements that add value to your kitchen

StartFragmentKitchens sell houses, but understanding which features and fittings buyers really want can be the difference between over-capitalising and getting a great price.EndFragment StartFragment Graeme Metcalf, from Dan Kitchens in Sydney, says home owners looking to update their kitchen should focus on four key areas. Metcalf says butlers’ pantries, appliance choice, cabinet height and benchtop surface selection all play a role when it comes to selling a home. StartFragment1. Butlers’ pantries aren’t just a fadEndFragment StartFragment Homes need to have enough space to add a butler’s pantry to an existing kitchen. Picture: Dan Kitchens Australia StartFragment “A butlers’ pantry or scu

Is apartment living the new Aussie dream?

StartFragmentSingle person households are the fastest growing demographic in Australia and with blocks of flats going up all over the country, is the great Aussie dream now a fab apartment?EndFragment StartFragmentIn the last two years, almost one in every two properties built in this country are now apartments.EndFragment StartFragmentWhere once we were a nation of detached homes with enough room for the kids and a dog, are we now moving towards high-density living? Will houses on big blocks soon be a thing of the past?EndFragment StartFragment End of Brightcove Player EndFragmentStartFragment End of Brightcove Player EndFragmentStartFragmentAffordabilityEndFragment StartFragmentFor some bu

‘Super-size’ adventure playground for Springfield

StartFragment Springfield Central in Queensland is set to become a playground paradise with the announcement of a new “super-size” world-class facility within a $6 billion mixed-use residential development. An elevated adventure landscape will be constructed in the early stages of Springfield Land Corporation’s City Centre North project, adding a new play dimension to the precinct’s popular Orion Lagoon and Robelle Domain. StartFragmentAn artist’s impression of the adventure landscape.EndFragment StartFragment The project’s vision has been planned and designed by consultants Woods Bagot and Urbis, who looked at international examples in Asia and Europe for inspiration for the world-class ­fa

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