Understanding stamp duty

StartFragmentStamp duty is part and parcel of buying property in Australia. But what is it, exactly? How much is it? And where does all that cash go?EndFragment StartFragment Lachlan Walker Brisbane’s Place Projects says stamp duty adds to the already overwhelming costs of buying property. “Many people forget about the infamous stamp duty. This tax, which varies state to state, is unfortunately an inescapable step in the process of buying property in Australia,” he says. StartFragment Stamp duty rates vary from state to state. StartFragmentWhat is stamp duty?EndFragment StartFragment Stamp duty is a tax imposed on certain acquisitions, including real estate. “Stamp duty can also be imposed o

How to: Style your mantel for Christmas

StartFragmentShrink your normally lavish Christmas decorations down to one wall, with a couple of stand-out, scandi-inspired ornaments and decorations for a bright festive look.EndFragment StartFragment Here’s some inspiration for dressing up a small mantel or wall in your apartment. A shelf of some kind can also act as an accessory for hanging a stocking and draping some greenery, so get creative with how you style up your abode in time for Santa. StartFragment1. Choose a neutral theme for this lookEndFragment StartFragment Natural elements can give your Christmas mantel a more relaxed feel. StartFragmentTimber, free standing decorations will work a treat. Place the trees to one side of the

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