1 Minute Financial Health Check

Are you struggling to meet your “home loan” and other financial commitments?

Would you like more money left over after making your loan commitments?

If you answered YES to the above two questions take a minute to see if you would benefit by consolidating your loan commitments into one.

Complete the below table with all your current loan commitments. Include home loans, personal/car loans and credit cards.

Lender Amount Outstanding

Loan Amount Repayments(monthly)

$200,000 $1,300

$325,000 $2,110

$225,000 $1,460

$350,000 $2,270

$250,000 $1,625

$375,000 $2,435

$275,000 $1,785

$400,000 $2,595

$300,000 $1,945

$425,000 $2,760

Now find the loan amount that is closest to your total amount outstanding (A) from the table below, then compare your total repayments (B) against what you might be paying if you where to consolidate all your loan commitments into one.

If you want to know more contact LadyBird HomeLoans on 1300 523 924

Disclaimer: The figures quoted herein represent a possible scenario and should not be interpreted as an offer of credit or as credit advice. Loan repayments quoted have been calculated on the basis of secured credit over a 30 year term at a comparison rate of 6.75%. This text may not reflect your individual financial position and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.

Australian Credit Licence Number : 382350 ACN : 108 658 064

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