Gift ideas for first home buyers

Do you know someone who bought their first home in 2016?

What do you buy a FHB for their maiden Christmas under their very own roof?

We’ve got all festive and compiled seven fabulous gift ideas for your favourite newbie home owner:

A home colour/design/decor workshop

A consultation with an interior designer or colour specialist can help new homeowners inject some personality into their pads, says Jennifer French from Inside Out Colour and Design.

French says “usually” a consultant will come up with decor/colour/design ideas the homeowner will not have thought of.

“An initial consultation (costs) is in the vicinity of $200 and the homeowner will receive numerous ideas, suggestions and places to shop to assist creating their dream home,” she says.

“These days many first time homeowners already have furniture and white goods, so finding out how it will work in the new home and identifying areas that need attention is valuable.”

Try to find a designer based in the new homeowner’s neighbourhood as they’ll have sweet inside knowledge of local architecture and housing styles.

A consultation with an interior designer can help new homeowners inject personality into their pad.

Change of address memos

One of the cutest ways to let mates and favourite rellies know you’ve moved to your own digs is with a swish relocation card.

You fill in your new address and post them out; simple.

There are plenty of options but one we like is from South-East Queensland outfit Indikat Designs, who has a set of 10 with envelopes for $25.

A housewarming themed hamper

What about making a gift hamper full of all those little bits and bobs you need in your own home?


  • Candles (for inevitable black outs)

  • Luxurious soaps (a true indulgence in the era of mortgage payments)

  • Drink coasters (for those myriad housewarming parties)

  • Bottle openers (refer to previous listing)

  • Basic tool kit (for tightening your own front door knobs)

And if you don’t feel like doing a hamper scamper, Aussie outfit Bindle can do it for you; it makes hampers out of sustainable local products.

‘Housewarming Bindle’ is $110 at

A funky kitchen appliance

Gifts for 21st century first home buyers’ first kitchens are certainly not limited to beige two-slice toasters and 3-litre kettles.

Get yourself to the top of your first-home buying buddy’s dinner party invite list with myriad cutting-edge kitchen helper gifts, including:

  • A sporty Breville Juice Fountain Compact in red, yellow or green (149.95)

  • A Kambrook Air Chef air fryer ($169.95)

  • A Kambrook Rotating Stove Pizza Oven ($79.95)

  • A Zoku Ice Cream Maker ($39.95)

FHB and Star Wars fan: Decor from a galaxy far, far away

A cook book or spice rack

Few things scream “I’m a new homeowner” more than your very first cook book or spice rack. And there are more than enough options to choose from.

There are books focused on a theme you know the FHB loves – Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, Cajun, Thai to name but a few – or maybe a favourite TV cook?

Another option that caught this blogger’s eye is an interactive cookbook called Summer TABLE, just launched by Jodie Bright, which includes more than 100 recipes for fast, delicious and healthy meals for every night of summer. The 224-page book incorporates a free app.

“Scan a QR code from a recipe in the cookbook and produce a shopping list on your smart phone, with all the items you need sorted into the supermarket sections,” Bright explains.

Summer TABLE is available from independent bookstores across Australia or (its RRP is $34.95).

Spice up a new homeowner’s life with a Herbie’s Spices Pantry Start-Up Kit including 20 spicy staples in a neat pine wood box. Costs $135 at

A dress for a wall

When you buy your first home, you spend a lot of time staring blissfully at your walls. You have worked hard for those straight up-and-down babies, those blank canvases, all awaiting your mark.

A suitably stylish print or poster, or original piece of art (budget-permitting) is a winning stocking filler for the FHB.

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