8 ways to brighten up your home this spring

StartFragmentIf you found yourself treading a little lighter this week, that’s probably because spring has arrived.

StartFragment‘Tis the season to get off your bum and give stale looks a total refresh in the home. With the help of a few low-cost, low-impact DIY tricks, the time you spend indoors will be a lot more enjoyable and you’ll find yourself ready to embrace spring in all its glory.


That means weekend entertaining, barbecues at your place and personal pride in where you live.

Here are eight fun, simple ways to brighten up your home before you lose that spring in your step.

StartFragment1. Pick some flowers


Fresh flowers can brighten up a room – and they smell great.

StartFragmentGrab your clippers, pop on your gardening gloves, and find yourself something bright to fill a vase.EndFragment

StartFragmentIf you’re a bit flower-garden-challenged, don’t let that stop you. Native shrubbery and striking branches can look great (and last forever) in an old mason jar with or without water.EndFragment

StartFragment2. Refresh the photos in your frames EndFragment


Since the invention of the smartphone we all take a million more photos than we used to. What we don’t do is print them out. Why don’t you spend some time plucking some of your snaps out of web-cloud oblivion? Create a folder of favourites then print them out to put in frames.

It’s a fun excuse to take a trip down memory lane and you’ll love seeing those moments live on in frames on your walls.



StartFragment3. Set a timer & just cleanEndFragment



Cleaning is never fun, but it is satisfying. Dedicate a certain amount of time – whether it’s a full day, half a day or simply a few hours – and just go for it.

With the weather warming up you can open the windows, put on some music and before you know it, your timer will go off. When you’re done, try lighting some candles to take away that disinfectant smell. Then pat yourself on the back, invite some friends over and reap the rewards of a fresh, clean home.

Spring tidy-up: Seasonal home maintenance

StartFragment4. Re-arrange your bookshelfEndFragment


An artfully arranged bookshelf can make a world of difference to a space.


Bookshelves are a natural focal point of a room because of their sheer size – a quick refresh can make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room.

To style yours like a pro, try varying heights and textures. Lay bigger books down, stand smaller books up and intersperse with rustic and raw materials – it could be a ceramic vase, a wooden frame or a cactus plant. Remember bookshelves don’t have to be just for books – use curios and keepsakes as artful bookends.

StartFragment5. Frame forgotten prints & postcards

StartFragmentDo you have a drawer under your bed filled with postcards, birthday cards and prints you purchased overseas? Find some old frames and get to work on some of the negative wall space around your home. For larger prints, consider getting them professionally mounted and framed. A good framer can make the humble print seem like an original.EndFragment

StartFragment6. Roll out a bright rugEndFragment


Just like a rich Persian rug has the power to warm up hardwood floors in winter, a bright, geometric, striped or polka dot rug is just what you need for spring. Try round shapes to soften up square lines.

To really makeover a space, why not drag a multi-coloured rug into an unexpected, cold space, like a kitchen or outdoor terrace. It’s an instant elevator that will draw people into the space adding warmth and life.


StartFragment7. Go plant crazyEndFragment


Indoor plants you never knew you needed.



The sun has finally come out of its hiding spot, so it’s the perfect time to adopt some colourful new friends.

Succulents are low maintenance, but they love sun, so start building an indoor collection in different shapes and sizes to line your window sills and dot throughout the home. Get creative with pots as well – they don’t have to be from a plant shop. Vintage teacups make cute planters and are a great way to up-cycle chipped crockery.

StartFragment8. Treat the house to something smallEndFragment

StartFragmentA new tablecloth, shower curtain, bed sheets or some tasteful cushions can make a surprising amount of difference to the look and feel of a space.

That’s not to say you should go nuts at the homewares shop and come home with a boot-load of dust-collecting items. But if you can justify a smaller item for the sake of a fresh new look, now is the time to go for it.EndFragment



EndFragment EndFragment

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