‘Super-size’ adventure playground for Springfield


Springfield Central in Queensland is set to become a playground paradise with the announcement of a new “super-size” world-class facility within a $6 billion mixed-use residential development.

An elevated adventure landscape will be constructed in the early stages of Springfield Land Corporation’s City Centre North project, adding a new play dimension to the precinct’s popular Orion Lagoon and Robelle Domain.

StartFragmentAn artist’s impression of the adventure landscape.EndFragment


The project’s vision has been planned and designed by consultants Woods Bagot and Urbis, who looked at international examples in Asia and Europe for inspiration for the world-class ­facility.

Urbis national director James Tuma says a lot of research went into the background of what makes a city great.

“Part of it was great public spaces, and access to parkland and great shopping and those sorts of things,” he says.

“One of the dimensions we thought that could be really great to differentiate this from other places, was a strong emphasis on children’s play, and access to nature and adventure.”

StartFragmentIt’s expected the playground will be a hit among kids.EndFragment


Tuma says while the playground has an international flavour, the team wants to “ground it in something that is locally relevant”.

“We did some work with a German group, and we came up with an extremely exciting, and extremely large, cable net structure that goes over the top of the creek. Children can climb through this elevated adventure landscape and then use slippery slides and tree trunks and all sorts of things to climb up and down either side,” he says.

“So you get this totally immersive, supersized children’s play experience.”

The playground is set to be an early piece of the $6 billion City Centre North project, which will have about 10,000 apartments, commercial and retail developed over 15 years close to the Springfield Central train station.




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