8 real life haunted houses


It’s no wonder the Halloween tradition so deep in America, with haunted lodgings around every corner.

Check out these real life haunted houses snapped on the ‘Gram.

Would you dare to move in?

1. Not-so-missing persons

The Oliver Family Mansion in Pennsylvania. The entire Oliver family went missing in 1898, a mystery that baffled investigators. But locals claim they can see their faces in the windows of the mansion.


2. Paranormal activity

The most recent owners of the Brae Burn Mansion have reported unexplained occurrences such as doors opening and slamming, children’s voices, balls bouncing and the apparitions of a woman in white.

3. An unholy scene

The Temple Haunted Mansion in Detroit is the site of the triple priest murder of 1902. The house has recently been demolished by the City of Detroit.

4. Long lingering ghosts

The Queen Anne home was built in 1881 for Hannes Tiedermann, a German immigrant. He outlived his four children and wife in the house, giving rise to speculation over their deaths.

5. The real Amityville Horror

Former owners of the house used in The Amityville Horror film sold in 2012 due to divorce, not haunting noises, or so they say…

6. Toil & trouble

The Milan Mansion in Ohio was home to a practicing witch, known to locals as ‘the Milan Witch’. She is said to be buried underneath the front porch.

7. Full moon conspiracy

The site of an unresolved case of double murder, occurring under a full moon in Texarkana, Texas.

8. Full circle

Several bodies were reportedly found in the cellar of this old mansion. And if that’s not creepy enough, each body had been marked with a perfect circle on the torso and chest.



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