Moving house horror stories

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You’d be very hard pressed to top these traumatic experiences.

The great flood

It’s been two months since Danae Stewart’s moving day from hell, and she’s only just started to see the funny side of it.

A desire to save $80 by avoiding an additional hour of removalist fees ended up costing her much, much more.

But the South Yarra resident might have guessed she was in for a rough day early on.

“The first thing to happen was I ordered a brand new three-seater couch, which arrived at the new place in the morning and it wouldn’t fit up the stairs,” Stewart recalls.

“I paid $100 to get it delivered and the guys were like, ‘Did you not measure from the floor to the roof?’ So I started my moving day losing $100.”

But that was only the beginning.

“The next thing was my car didn’t fit into the lockup garage of the new place. And I drive a hatchback Corolla,” she says.

If only it had ended there.

Stewart was reluctant to pay her removalists $80 for another hour of work, so she made the fateful decision to rush through the removal of her washing machine.

“We’d turned off two taps – two obvious looking taps – but there was a secret third tap apparently, which was way down the bottom of the pipe,” she says.

“We didn’t turn that, and so we unplugged the washing machine and it was just full blast water coming out of the tap. We couldn’t turn it back, so it was a good 20 minutes of high pressure water coming out, flooding the carpet.

“I was on the top level of the place and the bathroom where we disconnected the washing machine was right near the front door. I’m flooding the apartment as removalists are moving my furniture out.

“So I turned off the water to the entire apartment building on a Saturday morning,” she says.

“There was a lovely waterfall flowing over the railing into the other levels. My brother and I call it ‘The Great Flood’.”


Skimping on removalist fees could end up costing more.


Stewart says her haste to save a few dollars in moving fees cost her dearly.

“The irony was that I forced my brother to disconnect it quickly because I only wanted to pay the removalists for an hour … which was $80,” she says.

“The flood ended up costing me $970 to repair the carpet and get industrial dryers and all this machinery on it.

“Finally, my new fridge arrived at the new place with a massive dent in the front.”

Stewart says she’s only just started to see the funny side of her horror move.

“I think I’ve paid my dues now for moving. Now I’m really proud of it, I’m a survivor,” she says.

“I never want to move house again.”



Interstate nightmare

When Tim Cartledge packed up his home in Sydney to return to his native Melbourne, he never expected the trail of events that would unfold.

Cartledge used an interstate removalist to transport his belongings south, but on the day the truck was to arrive he received a phone call from the company.

“My expectation was the delivery was going to be delayed,” Cartledge says.

“To my horror the driver had had an accident on the Hume Highway suffering life threatening injuries. Without knowing the seriousness of the injuries the company could not move the truck until the driver had been given the all clear.”


Thankfully the driver survived the crash, and two days later Cartledge was informed his belongings would be moved to a Melbourne warehouse for him to “identify”.

“The word ‘identity‘ didn’t really leave me full of confidence I would be watching my beloved big screen TV anytime soon,” he says.

“All that survived from a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment was my golf clubs, a nice rug and, thankfully, my snowboard which I needed that weekend.

Cartledge says the only saving grace from the ordeal was that the move was fully insured.

“I paid for the insurance through the removalist company. I would not have even considered it if they hadn’t prompted me,” he says.

“The company was amazing through the insurance process and worked closely with me to ensure I was fully reimbursed.

“Although having to get quotes for all big ticket item was painful, when you tell retailers what happened that are quite sympathetic and creative.

“Luckily I won’t be out of pocket and silver lining is I get to go shopping for a bigger TV.”





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