About Us

  Why choose Ladybird?


We are a multi-award winning boutique organisation and we are leading the way in finding our clients the right lending solutions to achieve their dreams. We are a qualified and licenced Credit Advisor and we are not employed by the banks. This means we will only focus on your interests; we will educate you as we go and manage the process for you! 


Unlike the banks we don’t provide loans from just one lender. We listen to your needs so that we can provide an honest and balanced financial analysis of hundreds of different loan products on offer from all the large and mid size banks, as well as other smaller lenders. This way, you receive unbiased, objective advice on what is the right product for you.




We are proud to introduce to you our dedicated and loyal team whom may be assigned to help you on your journey of buying a new property. We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years and now we want to help you!

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